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ADVANCETHINGS is the global leader in IoT enablement. Through our extensive ecosystem of industry-leading suppliers, we have the technology, relationships and expertise to bring your idea to life. We can work with you at any stage in your product development and in any portion of your IoT project - from edge to enterprise.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With the Industrial IoT Solutions

Leverage industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions to drive innovation, improve your business outcomes and build a smart, connected enterprise.

Smart Agriculture

Involve the integration of advanced IoT technologies into existing farming practices in order to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products

Smart Factory

Improve Operational Efficiency with real-time visibility into manufacturing and offer new levels of service with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Smart Cities

Embracing smart cities with use the IoT to improve quality of life, foster economic growth and deliver on eco-sustainability initiatives.

Smart Parking & Traffic

Smart parking technology makes it possible for communities to provide safer and more efficient transportation infrastructure to reduce congestion and environmental impact.

Smart Retail

Use digital technologies to improve the customer service experience while gaining valuable insights into trends, conditions, precise inventory management, and supplies.

Smart Logistics

Implement an end-to-end agile network infrastructure that connect and manage supply chains more effectively, simplify the tracking of goods, assets predictively, speed delivery times.

Smart Healthcare

Smart Healthcare IoT Solutions from ADVANCETECH provides real-time visibility into diagnostic data, patient records, inventory, health alerts, and more

Smart Education

The Internet of Things is indeed transforming the education sector and making learning simpler, faster and safer.

Smart Office

IoT in a workplace has a plethora of benefits such as shared intelligence, connected environments, business intelligence, connected products.

ADVANCETHINGS IoT Capabilities at Work

ADVANCETHINGS Smart IoT Services is partnering with the world’s leading companies to reinvent their business through technology.

Connectivity & Normalization

Connect data from your devices or sensors to our ready-to-work IoT server
Hardware agnostic gateway framework
Remote access for device configuration and administration of Link Gateway
Advance router of network devices connected with different wired or wireless protocols.
Wide range of communication protocols WiFi, GSM(2G,3G), Ethernet, Modbus etc.

Continue Your IIoT Journey

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